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The nearer the session-the closer the student to the Superman: he is no longer in need of food, sleep and other pastimes,and seeks only to the knowledge....

Michael G. Prives (1904 - 2000)

Michael G. Prives (1904 - 2000) - Soviet and Russian anatomist, a researcher at the influence of work on the structure of the musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system, circulatory system to adapt to the conditions of space flight.Also known for the introduction of radiography in the study of the lymphatic system and the introduction of radiographic methods in the study of normal anatomy.MG Prives is the author of five books and six inventions. He also reworked the tutorial PK Lysenkova and VN Bushkovicha, which withstood several publications in Russian and foreign languages. Many students gain MG (more than 100 candidates and doctors of science) paid tribute to his memory, providing a posthumous edition of his textbook "Human Anatomy".

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Amur State Medical Academy

Amur State Medical Academy was founded in 1952. In 1996 it was renamed from Blagoveshchensk State Medical Institute in the Amur State Medical Academy.At present based on AGMA large number of different departments, about 6 lecture halls, sports halls, laboratories, libraries, stolovye.A just eight student hostels.In our academy prepares students, studying the structure of the human body, exploring micropreparations for microscopes as well as various diseases.This is a short essay about our academy. Walk in the Amur State Medical Academy!